• 29 dec 2013: Happy New Year
  • 06 dec 2011: Helppage had facelift
  • 26 nov 2011: Softwareshop
  • 24 nov 2011: Helppage updated and translated into English
  • 24 okt 2011: Repair completed
  • 23 okt 2011: Failure solved on Omni-Chat
  • 01 okt 2011: Improvements for the messageboards
  • 11 jun 2011: Young people on Omni-Chat
  • 10 may 2011: Color differences on our groups solved
  • 1 may 2011: New home-page ready and online

Criteria Staff:

Omni-Chat asks for some minimum standards of her staff. Every type of staffmember needs to have some skills and knowledge in order to actually make a difference, in our team as well as towards our users. Read about these standards per type staffmember. Do you think you match and you have sufficient motivation? Please do apply, so we can find out if you also match the other things we search for in our teammembers.

Minimum ages

Guide: from 18 years

Admin: 30 years*
*)Admin is NOT a function one can apply for. This job is filled from within the team.

All teammembers act on voluntary basis. This however does not mean that one can stroll around. Every team-member has to conform to a minimum availabilitystandard which varies by function and off course to a required secrecy regarding all Omni-Chat related information. If you pass the first application round, we will inform you about other things, in a personal conversation.
Do you wish to apply? Please fill in the webform as complete as possible, incomplete applications will not be taken in consideration.
Click here for the applicationform.

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