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Code of Conduct:

Code of Conduct for chatting on Omni-Chat
The Code of Conduct (CoC) is divided in rules and guidelines.
For your convenience this CoC is split in different categories, so the difference between rule and guideline is obvious for everyone. The Guidelines provide a general idea of what is appropriate behaviour, but the Individual Roomowner sets his or her own rules for the room.

     -  No childabuse, (child)pornografy or incest
     -  No scrolling/spamming/flooding
     -  Pretend to be Omni-Chat-Staff/other chatter or Cloning
     -  No piracy
     -  No Racism/Discrimination
     -  Protection of Privacy

     -  No Spamming
     -  Webpages Omni-Chat
     -  No Cursing/name calling
     -  No Caps
     -  Scripts/Bots
     -  To end with

     -  Ages
     -  Chatrooms and behaviour
     -  Personal Privacy
     -  Porno(sex)sites
     -  Materials posted by members
     -  Tips and Advise. Personal information
     -  Virusprotection and Firewall
     -  More

  • No childabuse, (child)pornografy or incest:

    ChildAbuse, ChildPornografy and Incest are forbidden by law and therefor also on Omni-Chat.
    If we find out about these things, we will not hesitate to inform police or local justice in your country. Besides that, we have the right to inform your Internet Service Provider.
    Roomowners that allow teens to enter their erotic rooms (18+ adults) or that do not act on this kind of abuse, once concluded, also will have to face the consequences.

    Posting erotic material, which can be viewed by others is also forbidden. Creating a chatprofile with erotic material is only allowed if the profile is made suitable as Erotic 18+, so the viewer has his or her own choice to continue viewing the profile and taking the chance to view pornografic or erotic contents. This choice however is NOT possible for those viewers that are of an age below 18. These people are NOT able to view profiles with Erotic 18+ suitability.
    Guests are marked as below 18, so they are protected as well

    If Omni-Chat receives report of profiles with erotic content, which is not marked as an Erotic 18+ profile Omni-Chat will not hesitate to remove the owner of that profile from her services. Posting pornografic material or material with seksual actions will be removed and poster will receive at least warning to his/her actions.


    No scrolling/spamming/flooding:

    Flooding means filling the chatscreen with text or emoticons in such matter, that other chatters are not able te participate in a normal conversation, repetingly joining and parting a room, playing with owner/host commands or to massconnect the server in a small amount of time is also considered being flooding. Since this is annoying for our members Omni-Chat will act upon complaints. Flooders shall be banned (primarily for 24 hours, but based on the extend of the flood, this can be extended to a lifetime ban. Every primary ban shall be measured upon eventual warnings before. Your ISP will be informed if Omni-Chat desides the abuse to be seriously disturbing or illegal.


    Pretend to be Omni-Chat-Staff/other chatter or Cloning:

    It is not allowed to pretend to be OC staff. Names of staff (even altered ones or translations) are exclusive for the real staffmembers. Cloning Functions of Staff is also forbidden. If someone is in your room pretending to be staff, you can ask them to come publically as Staff. If they cannot show you the OC icon in their name if they re-enter, you possibly have met a clone. Notice that you can report these events to OC Abuse, provided with a log of what happened in your room. Based on your logs, OC will determine if the person really was staff, or a cloner and will act properly. Pretending to be another chatter by using his or her profile or account is also forbidden. Abuse in that matter will lead to ban and report to your ISP. Cloning in all forms is forbidden. Reports received about cloning will be investigated and abuser can be removed from our services.


    No piracy:

    (Software)piracy contains the total of using illegal software, using crackversions of software, fake serialnumbers webcasting/broadcasting or abuse of autorshiprights (cases that normally need a licence or contract).
    Piracy is a crime and therefor is not tolerated on our Chat. Offering software that can be viewed upon as piracy software or promoting illegal webcasting and other forms of piracy will be punished by IP ban from our services and a report to your ISP. In the case of webcasting and/or Broadcasting Omni-Chat is also reporting abuse to Stichting Brein.


    No Racism/Discrimination:

    Racism is not allowed on Omni-Chat Services, Omni-Chat nor her members tolerate racism and/or discrimination. Discriminating language and racism will be dealt with an can lead to roomban, or even a serverban variating from 1 our to lifetime by repeatingly discriminating or posing threats. Roomowners that do not hold up to this element of the CoC even stand a change of being punished.
    Registered rooms can lose their registration. Racism and discrimination means: On a general basis expressing yourself in a negative manner about groups of people. Judge on the character, not on racial, political or religious background or the behaviour of single individuals of a group.


    Privacy Protection:

    In order to protect the privacy of our chatters, Omni-Chat forbids roomowners to show history or clone information in the room, available to all. Scripts are obliged to show that information only visible to owners of a room. This rule is not to hinder roomowners, but to protect chatters from being recognised on moments they wish to be unrecognised (f.e. in case of stalking. This rule is created to protect the privacy of chatters as well as to maintain the means for roomowners to protect their rooms for chatters that have outstaid their welcome. Omni-Chat has altered her scripts in that order, that history information is only given in whispers of roomowners. If roomowners show history or clone information, they may receive warning. If they continue giving that information, roomclose or ban may follow.



    Guidelines on Omni-Chat mean that primary roomowners make their own policy. If you have questions on roompolicy on below mentioned subjects, ask the roomowner what is allowed and what is not. If abuse is not limited to one room only, Omni-Chat will act on the abuse. Kick-policy is made by owners of a room. Omni-Chat does not get involved in rules that apply to rooms on Omni-Chat, whether it is a userroom or a registered room.


    No Spamming:

    Spamming is unwanted and unallowed placing urls in a chatroom. The roomowner is free to allow URL in his/her room. Do ask for permission before placing URL's in a chatroom. Complaints about unautorised advertising a website can lead to ban from server. Spamming with (child)pornografy, incest or pedofelia will not be listed as spam, but will be measured up to the rules described above. Omni-Chat does not allow directlinking to chatrooms on other chatservers in room or roomtopic, besides the link to MSNgroups that belong to the chatroom. If Omni-Chat finds out about url-linking to other chats and therewith abusing our services, rooms and owners will be banned immediately.


    Webpages on Omni-Chat:

    The webpages of Omni-Chat are designed by Staffmembers of Omni-Chat. Allthough you are allowed to restrict your room on Omni-Chat, and place it in any wanted category, Omni-Chat holds the right to alter your restrictions or category at any time without giving previous notice.
    This does not apply to the categories Teens or the 18+ categorie(s). Roomcreates in the categorie Teens are only permitted for and by teens. Adult (18+) rooms should allways be created in the 18+ categorie.


    No Cursing/name calling:

    Cursing is inpolite to fellow chatters. Treat someone the way you wish to be treated yourself. Respect one another andrespect other opinions. Discussion is good, but donít turn it into a mudfight. Roomowners set their own behaviourlimits. Bothering other rooms by disturbing their chat is also forbidden and abusereports with log will be investigated and can lead to a serverban for abuser.


    No Caps:

    Using Caps in a room is similar to shouting in company and therefor experienced as rude behaviour. Mind your caps lock and shiftkey.



    Scripts en Bots are allowed on Omni-Chat for roomowners to protect their room. Abuse of scripts however is not allowed and will lead to a ban variable from 24 hours up to lifetime with report to Internet Service Provider. Scripts can be tested on the chatservers of Omni-Chat to a limited extent


    To end with:

    Omni-Chat thanks her members and guests for living up to the rules and for respecting the guidelines. We wish all of you a splendid time on our services. If the CoC is changed, all will be notified on the website.



    Liability and Responsibility. Actions of Users
    The user is responsible for all actions taken based upon advises or information given online. Be your own judge on people you might wanna team up with, to whom you give personal information and with whom you share files.
    Omni-Chat can in no way be held liable for personal issues between two individuals.



    Omni-Chat is a chatserver for all ages, young and old. On a regular basis, Omni-Chat will scan userprofiles and if we receive reports of underaged people using our chatroom, it will lead to permanent IP ban for both the user as roomowner if he/she allowed it.
    Omni-Chat can not be held liable if underaged people deliberately change profile or age to be able to use our services.
    It is the sole responsibility for parents to guide their children in using the internet and to follow online restrictions and rules, before alowing their kids to participate in online activity.

    Omni-Chat is also not reliable for deliberate faking age in order to be able to view adult or erotic profiles. Profiles with adult or erotic content are shielded of for viewing by underaged people, and choiceprotected by all members aged 18 or up.

    Below you will find some links where you can find information and tips about how te be safe on internet and kids and internet:
    - A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety
    - www.besafeonline.org
    - Information from Microsoft about chatting
    - Internet safety


    Chatrooms and behaviour:

    Omni-Chat is not responsible for content or activitys in the chatrooms. We hold the right to restrict access to our services, without previous notice, or removing content placed in your profile, if not suitable or contradicting the Code of Conduct. Omni-Chat works holds every right to ban you from the website instantly if you misconduct in any manner.
    Omni-Chat is not responsible for the behaviour of her members elsewhere on the internet. If by chance staffmembers from Omni-Chat misbehave on other chats, they can be reported to our abusemailbox, providing date, time, IP, Log and name of the abuse(r).
    Omni-Chat will check the report and if necessary, will take action.


    Personal Privacy:

    Omni-Chat will not provide any personal information, unless needed for research of committed crimes. In those cases where Omni-Chat is contacted by local or national government, Omni-Chat will assist police and justicedepartments in their criminal investigations.
    Omni-Chat is not liable for any privacy breach committed by unrightfull entrance of our databases. If one has unrightfully enabled him or herself to reach information or use other peoples accounts, a ban will be set and ISP will be notified.



    Some contents and links on the internet contain material of pornographic nature and is not suitable for children. We advise parents of underaged people, to use parental control on all activities their children have on the internet, therefor secure that your child does not give any personal information that can provide knowledge of hometown or address.


    Materials post by members:

    Omni-Chat is not responsible for the quality of memberposted information or material. All users of our services are fully responsible for any material or information they post. We strongly advise our members not to post any material that might damage or destroy the personal belongings of others.
    If needed, Omni-Chat will report to or assist government or police on deliberate abuse of our services for posting infected or destructive material.
    Omni-Chat is not liable for any damage to your PC, network or system.


    Tips and Advise. Personal information:

    Besides our CoC, you are to uphold all laws and rules that apply to your country. Omni-Chat advises her users to be carefull with offering personal information. This information can be used for unlawful actions that can harm you or others. For instance: Mentioning your address to a person, and later on the moment you will leave for holiday, might lead to breaking in to your home. But also the knowledge of schooladdress might risk your childs safety.


    Virusprotection and Firewall:

    If using the internet, everyone should remember the riscs for hackers or virusses. Make sure you use a reliable virusprotection and/or firewall. Be aware that there are users on the internet that might deliberately or undeliberately infect your system with virusses, trojan horses or worms.
    Omni-Chat does not scan any posted materials on virusses or other harmful contents. Backups are not made and therefor Omni-Chat cannot be held liable for the loss of any material you might have posted.
    Omni-Chat is not liable for any damage you might have suffered by downloading or sharing files from our services or received by our members.



    All rights and disclaimers not particularly described are reserved.
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