Install-instructions Omni-Chat for Mozilla Firefox:
In order to be able to chat on Omni-Chat, using the Mozilla Firefox browser, you need to install the wrapper offered at the bottom of this page.
We advise you to print the instructions and use them while installing the wrapper.
Click on the downloadlink on the bottom of this page to save the wrapper on your computer. The download of this wrapper will take less than 30 secs with a 28k8-modem (38K).

Remember in which folder you save the downloaded file.

Click on Save to continue.

In Firefox Main Menu click on File and then click Close to close your browser.

Open the folder in which you saved the wrapper en double click on the wrapper (NPPGWrap.exe) to install the programwrapper.

A dialogwindow will open and you will be asked if you wish to continue installation. Click Yes. The installationprogram will install the wrapper in the Plug-ins directory of Firefox.

After completing the installation, press OK. The new wrapper will be activated once you restart Firefox.

Click here to download the Chat-wrapper for Mozilla Firefox.

Attention: If you do not allready have the chat-ocx (applet) you will be notified with a downloadscreen once you enter a chatroom. This also needs to be downloaded in order to be able to chat on Omni-Chat.

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