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As a new member, new room-owner of groupsowner, you can have a lot of questions. Also if you already are a member it can happen that something is unclear. If that is the case, you are on the right spot. Below you'll find the general explanation concerning registering, logg in, make a room, chatting and the groups from Omni-Chat.

This page is divided in the next subjects:

• General matters on Omni-Chat
• Groups on Omni-Chat
• Chatrooms on Omni-Chat
• FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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General matters on Omni-Chat:

In this part you'll find general subjects, relevant when you are on groups and chatrooms. Omni-Chat uses the Dutch expression "vrijheid-blijheid" policy, meaning that every owner of a chatroom or of a group is responsible for the contents of the group of room. The team of Omni-Chat only will take action, when the rules of Omni-Chat are broken. You can read the general rules for Omni-Chat.

Choose a subject below:
• Abuse of our services is not allowed. On our abuse-page you can read the necessary actions in case of abuse.
• Account: manage your account here.
• Account registration.
• Account: delete your account here.
• Advertising on our site? Thousands of visitors a day who will read your message.
• Code of Conduct or general rules.
• Contact Us.
• E-card: send an e-card to your relative.
• E-mail address: change your e-mail address.
• Employee of Omni-Chat.
• Search for a friend.
• Games.
• Language.
• Links and banners.
• Logg in on the site.
• The last news on on Omni-Chat.
• Nicknaam: change your nickname.
• Password: change your password.
• Password forgotten? Please request for a new one.
• Photo-album: change pictures in your photo-album.
• Privacy-statement of Omni-Chat.
• Profile: edit your profile.
• Profile: go to your personal profile.
• Radio listen online to your favourite broadcaster while your chatting or enjoying your group
• Sms-service to extend your diskspace or to add a message in the bulletin scroller.


Groups on Omni-Chat:

On the site of Omni-Chat you can start your own group / community. It is unrestrained and free of charge. However it is a must that you are registered at Omni-Chat. Omni-Chat will not interfere with the contents of groups. Each owner of a group is fully responsible for the contents of the group. The team of Omni-Chat will only take action if the rules of Omni-Chat are broken. You can read the general rules of Omni-Chat here.

To become a member of a group, you need to be registered on our site.

Choose a subject below:
• Categories of the groups.
• Make your own group.
• Become a member of a group.
• My groups.


Chatrooms on Omni-Chat:

On the site of Omni-Chat you can chat in your own chatroom or in another room. It is unrestrained and free of charge. The rooms are based on the "look and feel" from MSN Chat©.
On Omni-Chat you can chat with a profile. It is advised to register on our site, to enable you to fill in your profile. Not registered chatters don't have a profile and will enter the room as guest.
Please feel free to explore our chatrooms and get an idea of the “look and feel” of Omni-Chat.

Choose a subject below:
• Chatrooms: categories of the rooms.
• Chatrooms: make your own chatroom.
• Chatrooms: Information about protected or registered chatrooms
• Chatroom: visit a chatroom direct.
• Download the chat-software or use a  script? Click here.
• Emoticon list.
• Search for a friend.


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