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Email addresses cleaning on Omni-Chat18 aug 2010

Dear people,

The reason of this news-message is the following :

The last weeks we were busy with cleaning our files. One of the discoveries was that a number of email addresses from members are no longer correct.  The causes can be very divers. Whether the account has expired, or the mailboxes are full, or Omni-Chat is not added to the safe senders. Or what other reason.

All those errors came to our webmaster and those will be examined one by one. This will take several weeks.
Meanwhile, the webmaster has changed the text messaging if an error occurred with sending messages. If you are sending a message to your members, and one or more of the members has not valid email address, the following text-message will appear at your screen:

"The e-mail message was sent. One or more members did not received the e-mail message, because one or more email addresses that are used in the membership settings, where no e-mail messages can be received."

In addition, an alternative is built. This is the following:

For those people who do not have a valid e-mail address and we could not think of any other solution, you will see the first notification in your screen if you log in. If people have read this post, they can click on the Trash button, and this message will not appear again. This message persists as long as the Trash icon is not clicked.

We can not inform our groupowners which addresses are not accessible and the steps we have taken. If an owner wants to know what email address may be incorrect, can try it yourself by not using Omni-Chat, but eg sent e-mail via Google's Gmail. It is possible to e-mail 499 recipients at once with Gmail.

This, I hope this issue is properly resolved. For further questions feel free to contact us.

with kind regards

Team Omni-Chat

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